IntelliJ + AWS SDK



When in your plans make support AWS SDK for IDE thru plugin or thru another way ?

I tried install AWS JAVA SDK to IntelliJ Idea, and every time this is doesn't work.

If I add AWS SDK manually to my project, this is not working, a lot of exceptions during compile process and so on.

If you have documentation or step-by-step manual please let me know.

Thank you.



We had support for AWS Manager but it had been indeed discontinued. The only compatible plugin for AWS-java now is

At the moment we do not have plans to take AWS integration for support. One can vote and follow related request: for the news.


Does it make sense to you? When every single developer is racing to move most or part of their workload to cloud infrastructure, you are saying that you " don't have plans to take AWS integration for support?" That really sounds like a very poor business decision. Developers always innovate, And you guys are definitely disapointing with this decision.



AWS planned to develop their own plugin for IDEA. Currently we don't have exact date/roadmap for this feature, but we understant that IDE lacks support fot AWS integration and we'll add it as soon as possible.



Christian Martin is right. VS Code and Eclipse have this yet IDEA Ultimate doesn't? What did I just spend money on? Also is this going to be supported for other languages like Python? Guess I get to go shake the dust off of eclipse.


You know IntelliJ has a sad state of affairs when users are having to resort to archaic decade-old IDEs just to get some work done


This is the only thing preventing me from deleting Eclipse from my computer.


Have you tried AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ IDEA? Which is in active development but already offers a lot of functionality:


Tried using AWS tool kit, I mostly want to work with  lambdas  but atm the plugin  only offers java and python as runtime environments,  also having a hard time using it as bugs keep poping up, I think I would have to go back to eclipse . Its sad that you can't work on intelli for aws stuff even after buying the ultimate edition