I often receive 'locked by transaction' when only running select queries and refreshing result panes

Very often when I start work in the morning I try to refresh a resultset from yesterday afternoon to get current data.  Frequently it shows an error that it cannot refresh because it is locked by a transaction.  I have to right click the connection and choose disconnect to resolve the issue.  Even after I resolve it in one result pane, many times it is still present in a second result pane.


Autocommit is not an option.  I perform database maintenance and must check the results of my DML queries prior to committing.  Nothing should be locking with only select queries.  I am concerned that I am creating locks in my production database that may have a negative impact on functionality.


Has anyone else experienced this or found a solution?


I have experienced the same.  [2018-08-14 22:51:32] locked by transaction: @console: