What Preventative Options For Unsafe Query in DataGrip


I use DataGrip to connect and manage queries on many UAT, QA, and Production databases for my work. I love DataGrip so far for making this easier.


I'd like to know, what options are available for preventative insurance that unwanted writes are not done to the database in the event of accidental unsafe queries?

IE: 'UPDATE table SET column1 = 1;' Without where clause.

Additionally, I've seen DataGrip mainly be used as a personal database management for smaller local projects mainly. Maybe that's just the impression I get from others on google. But are there any default settings I should be aware of that may cause unwanted writes to databases within my data sources? Automatic schema changes, or anything? 


If so where are they located and what options do I have to disable those features so they do not interfere with production databases, and get me fired.


Please, read about read-only mode here: https://www.jetbrains.com/datagrip/whatsnew/2017.3/#executing-queries

Probably, it is what you need


Actually, what he probably means is some database sql clients will warn you if you accidentally leave off the where clause on an update. 



This is exactly what I was looking for.

I write a lot of small queries, very quickly, sometimes while daydreaming. A warning before I accidentally attempt to update 500,000 rows in the database would be lovely.