Can't deploy app on my iPhone upgraded to 12.0.1

After updating my iPhone to the version of IOS released this week, I can't run app on the phone from AppCode:

Couldn't find device support directory (/Users/...../Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/12.0.1 (16A405)) for seected device.
Please check device with Xcode Organizer.


It works fine in xcode so not sure what I can do. Please advise.


Hi Mathias,

Which Xcode version is selected in Preferences | Tools | Xcode?

Again, IOS 12.0 worked fine in both XCode and Appcode. IOS 12.0.1 only works in XCode.


I have some additional feedback for you:


I got it working by doing this:

1. I looked in the directory pointed out by your error message above. They are right that there is no "12.0.1 (16A405)" directory there, but there IS a directory named "12.0.1 (16A405) arm64e"

2. I simply made a copy of the directory and renamed it to the one AppCode is complaining about and it started working.


Obviously I shouldn't have to resort to these types of shenanigans to make your app work. Would be great with some feedback.


Which iPhone model do you have?


I have the same issue, I'm on an iPhone XS



Here's a corresponding issue - please subscribe as watcher.


I have the same issue as Robert and Mathias. I do not see how your reference issue ( applies when the app will not even launch.



Both issues are caused by the same fact that AppCode looks for wrong device support directory for XS / XS Max. We're going to deliver the fix soon.

As a temporary workaround you may copy & rename the directory as Mathias did.



Thanks for finally giving some sort of response (to Scott ) that you acknowledge that this is an identified problem and that you are working on a fix... i asked for feedback on October 11 (two weeks ago), when i posted my workaround description.


I have tow problem with the IOS 12.0 is not work in the Appcode and it draining the device very fast after install. Asus laptop battery replacement suggests me to update the system but after the update the system the problems are still there. Kindly tell me the valid solution regarding these issues.


Hi @Dekfin6,

Which AppCode version are using and what OS version are you running it on (I'm confused by Asus being mentioned here since AppCode IDE is only available for macOS)?



thanks, this helped me either. I always get problems with my phone's updates as I forget my password and this is really odd.