Managing remote plugin repository from private Github repo



I have an enterprise plugin I'd like to manage in our private github repo. I have a plugin defined at a URL like:

Whenever I hit "Check Now" when I try to add the repository manually, I get the dialog:

Connection failed: Request failed with status code 404. 

My guess is that IntelliJ isn't using my git credentials when it checks the plugin repository. Is there a way to add credentials somehow? Is there something else I need to do?


Are there any other options for privately distributing a plugin or is our best bet just to install the plugin from disk?



404 eror means that page was not found, so check the URL. The credential problem should produce 401 error.


> The credential problem should produce 401 error.

GitHub does not think so and returns 404 if you try accessing a private repo without authentication or using a wrong account.

So this is most likely the issue, as Custom plugin repository does not seem to support authentication.


This isn't an answered issue. How do you configure a custom plugin repository where the XML is publicly hosted but requires authentication, such as a private Github repo?


Plugin repositories do not support basic authentication  at the moment -

For companies, it is possible to adopt Toolbox enterprise which, among others, allows to install custom plugins into IDE.