AppCode inputs a random hex string when I press Command-Shift-F


Whenever I press Command-Shift-F in AppCode, it inputs the following string: 6EF0 28B7 43BF 7C04 A7BA 1B17 756E C8C0 9858 E251

It seems to be nonsense byte code. This behavior happens only in AppCode, and there are no other bindings to Command-Shift-F.

I'm on Mac OS X 10.13.6, AppCode 2018.2.5, and am not using any other accessibility software that might cause this.

What is going on here? It's a rather annoying bug since I'm used to pressing Command-Shift-F to search all files.


Hi Elliot.

Sounds like IDEA-201301. Please take a look at suggestions there.