Shortcut to create new c++ class?

Isn't just me, or I really can't find how to keymap some appcode features?

I can't seem to find how to shortcut new c++ class....

Would love if these missing features were added to the Generate Menu.

Aleksandr Samofalov

Hi, Richard!

Sorry for the late reply.

You can press ⌘N in Project View and select C++ Class.

To navigate to Project View you can press ⌘1. To go back to the editor press ESC.

Alternatively, you could use "Navigate | Select In...(⌥+F1)" action and select Project View. It will focus the currently active file in Project View.

Would it be possible to create a command to create a new class so we can assign a shotcut directly to it?

I use that so frequently!

Aleksandr Samofalov

I've investigated a little bit more, you can assign a shortcut to the action with these steps:

  • Open Search Actions dialog (⇧⌘A)
  • Type 'C++ Class'
  • Press (⌥↩) to assign a shortcut 
  • Type new shortcut in the dialog and press OK

Unfortunately, right now this works only from the project view (both steps and assigned shortcut), and it's impossible to do from the editor. The problem is known, you can follow for progress here:


Thank you!

Added my vote.