What should be a "Content Root" in SVN?



I am a former GIT user but have to work with SVN now...

My question is: what should be a "content root" of a module to be able to work with branches in Intellij Idea?

Let's say my repo root is "SomeProject". Under that I have trunk, tags, branches folders.

  • If I set the root it to "SomeProject", then I got compilation errors like "duplicate class", because Idea finds multiple copies of "src" folders.
  • If I set the root to "Someproject/trunk", then I don't know how to switch between branches.

Some say that SVN is better beacuse it's simpler. After a week of fighting it seems to be quite opposite to me. I think I am going to use git svn, but still configuring Idea is a problem due to "duplicated code" issue.

Any help appreciated,


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> SomeProject". Under that I have trunk, tags, branches folders.

So, you have everything under a single working copy. That's not the correct way.

Instead, you should have SomeProject/trunk checked out from SVN as a working copy, and opened In IDEA. Then to switch branch, use Update project and select a different URL, usually one from the branches folder.