Custom VM Settings

Can I ask any of you to share their custom VM settings that are optimal for a fast PC?

I have an i7, with NVMe drive and 64g of ram.

If you have great vm setting to maximize appcode experience with these specs, please share here.



Hello Richard,

Generally, it should not be necessary to change the VM settings AppCode ships with.
By default, the amount of memory AppCode will use is in fact limited, since a large memory allocation may also cause longer GC pauses = worse user experience.

For very large projects, it may become necessary to increase AppCode's limit.
However, ever since version 2018.2, AppCode monitors the available heap space and will proactively offer to increase the memory limit, should it become necessary.

So overall, we recommend you not change any settings unless advised by AppCode or we explicitly ask you to do so.


Excellent. I'll leave this untouched then.