Is there any plans to integrate WSL support into IDEA?



Microsoft released WSL a while ago and it has been proved that it is very useful tool for developers.
So I wonder if it would be possible to use WSL from Idea on windows specifically for running Gradle/Maven builds instead of using default local environment.
The use case for this is that for a complex project a local gradle build fails due to hitting windows's arg string length limit (4k?). Usually the project is built on dedicated remote linux servers, so developers need to `git commit && git push` -> `ssh bld-srv`-> `git pull` -> `gradlew :component:jar`. But with restricted or no connectivity developers need to run builds locally. This can be accomplished running gradle builds in WSL console, however, I wonder if it would be possible to chose within IDEA what environment to use to run builds: local, alternative local or remote. I know that the win's arg string length limit is a known issue and there is a workaround but nobody wants developers to invest time into this, besides project is really huge.
Currently we use IDEA as a smart code editor and compiler and do our dev builds manually either on remote build server or locally in WSL.
Having IDEA to handle this would be great.