Creating new grails domain class does not show in left pane, but is created in right place in file system.


I just installed intellij, and imported simple test grails 3.3.8 project with one domain class which I see in the grails view on the left.

I just created a new domain object by right clicking on the package under "Domain Classes", created and saved it. But it doesnt show up on the left.  

If I do "reveal in finder" on the new domain class, I see it in the file system in the right folder along side my existing domain class.  But intellij cant "see" it. There doesnt seem to be a "refresh" option anywhere.


If I shut down inttellij, and restart it - it now sees the domain class intellij just created.

Why do I need to restart intellij every time i create any new object?

I also notice every file is red. What is red?  The groovy files in the editor have no errors or syntax errors shown. See screen shot.


Above we can see I have created a new domain class (Currency) via the intellij, but it is not showing up on the left until I restart intellij.  I cant run the project either.




Does it help if you invoke "File | Synchronize"? Also could you please provide idea.log (Help | Show log...)?