Need to "pin" the value of variables in Debugger Console

I can't find a way to "pin" the value of variables when debugging.  In Chrome Devtools, when you're paused on a breakpoint, you can just type the name of the variable in the console, hit enter, and it will keep that value there.

But in webstorm, when I type the variable name, all I get is the type and length.  I need to see the items in the array or object.  How can I do that?  This is critical when manipulating arrays and objects.



I can hover over the variable, and I get this little popup:


But there's no way to "pin" that popup so it stays visible.  Suggestions?


Not possible currently, please vote for

to inspect objects/arrays in console, you need to mouse hover over the result or hit Alt+Cmd+F8 (Quick Evaluate Expression).