IDE Settings Sync, all settings lost

Hey there,

I have been using IDE Settings Sync for about 8 months now. Today I wanted to export my settings as a jar (which is apparently impossible while sync is enabled), so I disabled the plugin, exported the jar and then re-enabled the plugin. However, when doing so, I selected "Keep and sync local settings" - big mistake. No prompt, no nothing - without realizing it, I had just overwritten hundreds of hours of tweaking my IDE with my settings from around spring 2018, because from the looks of it, the settings are ONLY stored in the JetBrains account repository and not copied locally.

I have relatively current backups of my system, so if Intellij were indeed keeping a local copy of these settings, that might be helpful. Otherwise, I tried accessing my "account repository" but was unable to find anything in regards to that - is there a way to do access this repository and more importantly, restore older versions of my settings saved on it?

Any help would be much appreciated, as this represents a disastrous loss for me.