intentions : PhpStorm systematically misplacing language constructs like `null` in suggestions


Picture says it all. Whenever i want to type-in a language construct (like null, true, false, etc etc etc), you list of suggestions place the language construct in an obscure place in the list (INSTEAD OF THE TOP as i would expect).  As a result , typing 'nu<enter>' gives me number_format.

Is there a way to disable this (/* expletives */ redacted) behaviour ?  Please , this is very irritating, annoying, a total loss of time.


Here's a thread on this matter:

Recap: we are not gonna give built-in constructs more weight, but if a user chooses them often they should appear first in the list.

Please check if this hint helps:


How often is often enough ??? the thread(s) above are antiquity, but i understand and know that change is a slow process at JB.

other question then:  I want to nullify all and every stats your product ever compiled on my choices.  Is that possible ( and no your universal bug-fix 'invalidate caches and restart' does not : i know, i need to do it every 15-20 minutes because of severe performance degradation).



Please reproduce the problem: type nu, wait until a completion list appears, then press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+W.

This will dump completion weights in a log. Please share the idea.log (Help > Show log in ...) afterward.

I want to nullify all and every stats your product ever compiled on my choices.

You should be able to by deleting System directory, see

@Dmitry : thank you ... there seems to be a lot of stuff in there. Save to purge ?

also i notice two files : port and port.lock .... care to explain the purpose.

I have noted a bizarre behaviour on our local dev boxes (this seems recent , say last two updated). Currently running 2018.3 on a mac.  It seems that when PhpStorm is running, all my micro-services run slower (local apache with php-fpm)  ex /system/cron/ping :

  • with xdebug enabled , phpstorm listening :  70 ms average,
  • with xdebug enabled , phpstorm not listening : 28 ms average
  • with xdebug enabled , phpstorm nuked : 9 ms. average 

ps: as soon as i can reproduce, i will do the snap you suggest and share idea.log



You may want to try removing not the whole 'system' but 'system\stat' directory, that is more granular and will keep your caches intact.