Copy all text from find using regex option

Is there a way to copy all the matches found using Find and regex option and paste just that text to another file?


Possible with Find in Path using Export to text file button:


it produces a report like this:


Occurrences of '"([^"]+)":' in Current File with mask '*.json'
Found Occurrences (6 usages found)
(6 usages found)
a.json (6 usages found)
2 "тест": 123,
3 "year": 2018,
4 "month": 9,
5 "day": 24,
6 "startHours": 6,
7 "startMinutes": 0


Or, you can select all occurrences in Find tool window and hit Ctrl+C


Thank you for looking, but that's not what I am looking for.

When I use your suggestion, I get the entire line in the file.   I would then have to remove the unwanted text, make sure there is only 1 per per line.

But thanks for your help.


As an example, this is a snippet of the report and what I would still need to filter out if I use this regex pattern \{\{.*\}\}

 20 <link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="{{ asset('favicon.ico') }}"/>
40 <div class="flash-{{ type }} alert alert-{{ type }}">
61 <script src="{{ asset('js/main.js') }}"></script>
mobile-landing.html.twig (14 usages found)
28 <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset('css/reset.css') }}">
33 <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset('css/mobile-landing.css') }}"/>
36 <link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="{{ asset('favicon.ico') }}"/>
123 globalStuff.customer.carrier = "{{ carrier|default('none') }}";
127 = {{|default('null') }};
128 globalStuff.lon = {{ location_info.lon|default('null') }};

Ok, another try then (this time using Find): you can select all found occurrences using Select All Occurrences button (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J in <default> keymap) and then hit Ctrl+C



Bingo!!!!. Thanks for your help


This is nice, but could I also select only the contents of the N-th regex capturing group?