Sorting Git Branches popup

One thing I've been hoping for, since I started using the Git integration in PhpStorm specifically, but I guess this would apply to the whole IDEA family:

The ability to sort the branches in the Git Branches popup... would love to be able to sort by most recent branch, so the stuff I've recently created/commited etc. would rise to the top. I know I can use Favorite branches and that's how I address this, but I'd rather just have the most recent branches show up in descending order. 

I have searched for this request/suggestion having been made before but I don't see anything, surprised nobody has brought this up yet.


Looks like this was implemented once but I can't see it working:

You can submit a feature request for this at


it looks like git 2.7.0 can now do this easily via 

git branch --sort=-committerdate


would be awesome to have this as a sorting option in the branches UI in IDEA