Mac Datagrip 2018.3.4 Firewall Issues due to lack of code signature



just updated to Datagrip 2018.3.4 via the JetBrains toolbox on Mac, and I am unable to use it due to my firewall complaining about suspicious processes and a lack of a code signature. 

The suspicious process is "" - which it claims has no code signature, and subsequently my firewall is unable to create rules for it, so I am unable to use 2018.3.4 without disabling my firewall (Little Snitch).

When I use 2018.3.3 which is still installed - I do not have this problem, and have not had similar issues before on any of the version of Datagrip I have used before.


Little Snitch made changes in the latest version that try to compute signatures for dependent (child) processes. Unlike full applications, the dependent processes don't have computed signatures. Unfortunately, there's no way to fix this on the JetBrains side. You need to bypass signature checking for this application. (I don't work for JetBrains, just went through this myself.)


Thats very useful information - many thanks!