Can we have a previous version in snap?


A few days ago my pycharm-community is updated to the 2019.1. I was really surprised because it happen without asking me. Now I'm trying to downgrade to the 2018.4 because I'm not satisfied with a new version. It's a pain because the 2018 version is not in snap and I'm using ubuntu 18, which is also a worst ubuntu ever.

I find a way to have my old PyCharm back but it should be available in the snap. There is a newest version only. If some software is open-source then community around it should be able to decide which version we want to use at last. You guys are really on the wrong path if you think that your ideas should be a low.

I wish you all the best but I'm in a serious consideration to start looking for an alternative after 3 years. Not because my favorite IDE is not good enough, even if the current version is the worst in the last 3 years. But because I don't like where it goes.



Hi Gorki,

The command is the following:

sudo snap install pycharm-professional --channel=2018.3/stable --classic

You are free to replace 2018.3 with another version. See available versions here


When I do:

snap list rubymine --all  

I get:

Name      Version   Rev  Tracking       Publisher   Notes
rubymine  2021.3.2  270  latest/stable  jetbrains✓  disabled,classic
rubymine  2021.3.3  277  latest/stable  jetbrains✓  classic

Now, the latest version of RubyMine has an unsolved bug (SSH doesnt work). How can I restore to an older version of rubymine? Can I rollback to version 2021.3.2 (it says in the notes 'disabled')?


For the history: here is the workaround for the SSH regression in 2021.3.3 (RSA keys with old OpenSSH servers).