Apply code inspection to all files in project API


GlobalInspections? I don't really know what those are *exactly* or how to hook them up. I implemented a GlobalInspectionTool, provided an implementationClass and enabledByDefault="true" in plugin.xml -> extensions but it doesn't seem to run at all.

There are profiles that allow you to configure this, but it requires the use of the UI and this isn't something we want the users of the plugin to have to manually configure.

Could load each inspection class and manually execute, but not entirely sure how to do that either. It feels like these inspection classes are meant to be handled by the IDE via plugin.xml, not explicitly called in your plugin code.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Alexandr Evstigneev

What javadoc says about GlobalInspectionTool?

Inspections supposed to be run silently for the current editor or manually on some scope, e.g project files. What is your goal?