Help to get a good start with pycharm, venv and git


I need some help to get pycharm setup the best way, before i move on. 

I have tried following the tutorial, but when i add a new project with a new venv and try to attach it to my current window i get this error: This project uses a non-standard layout and cannot be attached.

Anyone know of a blog / tutorial or other i can follow to get me a good start. Im new into programming. 

I have deceided that pycharm is the one i need to use, and have used it a bit. But for some reason not all my projects have different venv. Wich i think they should have to be seperated. Also i want it connected to github or gitlab so i always have a copy of my work.. 

So any inputs, links to how i should get the best possible start, and tricks on what is nice to do know before you start etc. Is all welcome.

Hope someone can help me out. Thanks. :)


/ Carsten



I would suggest to start with a very useful video series "Getting started with PyCharm": Getting Started with PyCharm - YouTube

It explains the basics of setting up and starting on a project in an accessible way.

Please also refer to our documentation if you have questions on any topic:

And if that leaves you with any questions or technical issues, you can always contact JetBrains support team.


Regarding your issue with layout - please try restoring the default layout first. You can do this from "search everywhere" dialog (double-shift) and typing "restore layout."


Thx Andrey. :)

Those youtube is golden. Saved them for future use as well. Got me some of the way.

/ Carsten


The videos in the YouTube links covered much of PyCharm and were good to learn how powerful it is.  However, they did not talk about how to use Pycharm a virtual environment and Git.  Especially the .gitignore file.  I am coming from 20+ years in a Java Environment, so learning the Python Language is not difficult, the big difference is the way the environments are set up. Is there a discussion that talks about how to set up the .gitignore file so that when I push my project to GitHub, not all the imported packages etc are included.  I have read about the requirements.txt file, but don't know where to put it so that the venv on another computer will pull in those requirements into the virtual runtime environment.