Performance regression in 2019.1 - slower editor, autocomplete and other actions


Hi JetBrains developers,

Usually upgrades to IDEA new major version were seamless, but this is the first version when I had to downgrade to 2018.3.

New version has some noticeable pauses (up to 0.5 s. or occasionally up to 1 s.) when doing autocomplete or typing in Java editor, or actions like context menu on package and "Create new class". Also confirmed by my colleague who's using IDEA 2019.1 as well.

I always checked "Download JetBrains JRE" in both 2018.3 and 2019.1, just had to increase memory size to 1024Mb when IDEA crashed with default memory (I have large projects).

I hope you are aware and working on this.


Pycharm 2019.1 is also very slow, almost unusable. Looking for a downgrade to latest 2018 now...


I'm experiencing the same thing in 2019.1.1 - I posted to youtrack (PY-35623) - I assume you already have an open issue for this, but couldn't find one listed.


Please always attach the CPU snapshot when reporting the performance problems.


If you can tell me what you are looking for, I can describe it to you, but I cannot post a screenshot.  Corporate policy...


Sorry, misread it as screenshot.  However, as with log files, its the same principle.  I can't upload any file or image.  However, if you describe to me what specific items you would like to see, I can relay those to you, but I can't simply copy and paste or upload the contents of the file without knowing exactly what is being sent.


We really need the CPU snapshot file to investigate the performance problems. There is no other information you can provide that will help us. You can try reproducing the issue at home with a dummy project and attach the CPU snapshot file from your home machine if you experience the same issue there.


I can do that.  I'll upgrade to 2019.1.1 on my home PC this weekend and get you those. One caveat on my home PC is that it is running an AMD based processor where my work PCs are Intel.

Here is some general info about my work PCs:
I am experiencing the problem on a Lenovo ThinkPad with an Intel i5-u6300 and 16GB memory. I'm running JupyterLab at the same time, but issue occurs whether JupyterLab is running or not.
I also have a desktop at work. HP EliteDesk with Intel i5-4570 and 32GB memory. I'm running 2018.2.1 on the desktop and it runs smooth as butter.

All (home and work) are running Windows 10.

For the time being, I'll revert to 2018.3 on my laptop.  Can you tell me if this is an active issue being worked on for 2019.2?

EDIT: I forgot to offer.  I am running Python 3.7.0 64bit. If you need a list of my installed packages, let me know and I can get that for you.  My Python directory is over 800MB, so I do have quite a few packages installed.


> Can you tell me if this is an active issue being worked on for 2019.2?

We can't start working on the issue until we have the diagnostics (CPU snapshot).


I understand that you need this to start working the issue directly related to my personal experience, but I'm referring to the issue in general.  It appears that this problem is not a one off issue, but a bug in the current build. Is there no research into general performance issues in 2019.1.1 and what the contributing factor is?

I can see that I'm not the only person to complain about this.  When I test for you on my home PC, am I really going to be the first person to submit a CPU snapshot for performance issues in the current build?


Most performance problems are different and are caused by different things, they can be hardware, OS and project specific.


@Serge it seems like many people experience problems with 2019.1, across your entire suite of products (for me and my team it's in PhpStorm).

You seem to not understand that sometimes there are legal constraints that prevent people from submitting stuff to you.

JetBrains' automatic refusal to look into reports without snapshots and other work by their CUSTOMERS doesn't make sense.

Do better testing on a larger group of large projects in different languages.

This is not the responsibility of your customers, especially when obviously you have serious and possibly deep performance problems with your entire products suite.


Problems identified during internal testing are fixed before the release.

IDE works with different languages frameworks and tools, it's not possible to test all the possible combinations of these, plus different hardware.

If you can't provide a CPU snapshot, then you can only hope that some other user will have exactly the same issue caused by exactly the same reason and will report it at


I disabled ALL plugins I don't need, trying to improve the performance.

During this I discovered this bug:

But disabling default set of IDE standard plugins + a couple of third-party plugins seemed to help.


@Serge I'm aware of this argument but I don't find it very convincing.

First, there's no such thing as "not possible". There's only "we are not willing to spend the necessary resources to".

There are enough software providers that release to a larger number of possible configurations and do not have such issues (e.g. from Microsoft and various Linux distributions to games and virtually any other popular software).

Further, running inside a JVM, I'd expect the IDE to be relatively protected from other hardware and software running on the machine.

About framework and tools - of all the issues I've reported to JetBrains over the years - not ONE was a result of some special framework or tool I was using. I've experienced all of them (as I experience the current ones) on a vanilla PhpStorm with no custom plugins installed, running on Windows 7.

There is a huge amount of code out there, in every language in the world.

It's just a matter of priorities and investment of effort in doing more tests (and hopefully also automating them; including performance tests, on 1000 projects of all sizes in every language supported by your products).


Thanks for your feedback. We'll try to improve.