Is it impossible to connect to WSL Python interpreter?

I want to use Python SDK installed in WSL, but I can't find any related option in CLion.

Is it impossible in CLion IDE?


yes, would also be interesting, 

in common case (for remote development) ,

is it possible (or will be possible?) to use python plugin (interpreter/debugger/etc.) in CLion similar way to remote work possible in PyCharm? 


In my view, CLion supports only source code editing for Python file.


Now that clion supports loading projects hosted inside WSL (e.g. in my home folder inside wsl, visible through \\wsl$\....) it would be interesting to see it also be able to use the interpreter I installed in a virtualenv in my WSL setup.

Running the code is not as important, but being able to parse the dependencies to give good autocomplete suggestions would be interesting.

My concrete use case: writing files.