Highlight new/updated files since git branch


I usually work in feature branches (git) to make changes to a codebase and then merge these into a master branch. 

I love the way IntelliJ highlights new files in green and updated files in blue. I think it does so by evaluating my current git HEAD. 
But unfortunately once a make a commit on my feature branch all tracked progress gets lost and all files are white again.

Is there a way to get IntelliJ to see my feature branch as the beginning of tracking new/updated files? So that all new files I made *since opening my branch* are highlighted green and in the same all updated files appear as blue?


Thanks in advance for your help of my 'special needs' request! :)
(I'm an IntelliJ Ultimate user btw just in case it makes any difference)


No, this is not possible.

The color indication in editor serves for indication of uncommitted changes. Using the same indication to show differences between a branch is rather questionable.

To see the difference between branches use the Compare with Current action from the Branches popup.


I don't agree that it's questionable. I think it's reasonable to want to keep track of changes that have been committed in the feature branch, committed to save as a checkpoint of sorts, while continuing development for a new commit. You can make a new branch and commit you saved changes there, and in that way have a reset state available. It would be nice to be able to chose which previous commit to compare with for the current work space.