PyCharm does not respect my keyboard layout


I have seen this post numerous times but it seems it is not fixed.


Pycharm is not capable to respect my keyboard layout. I am using a "Standard Multi languages Canadian (french)" keyboard layout. Basically it's a qwerty with accents é ç û etc ...

[ is on ALT+9

] is on ALT+0

{ is on ALT+7

} is on ALT+8


And py charm cannot get them. Which is definitely annoying.

It's counterpart, IntelliJ, can handle it.


And since I read all the other topics: no, I do not have a conflict of layout with windows 10, there's only a single layout installed on my computer.

So how can I made pyCharm to work correctly ? because I am starting to miss Eclipse here



Did it appear after updating to 2019.1 or never worked?

It sounds similar to, but it is JDK 11 related.