missing feature - automatically find imports.


When we load our java project in netbeans or eclipse , we can simply enter class e.g. Map or UnsupportedEncodingException and a red light bulb appears. If we click on this there is a dropdown to import the required class. Super simple.

Intellij doesn't seem to have any way to import classes.  If we know the class, e.g. java.util.map, we can type it in, but if its a class we cant remember the import path, we have to either look it up in google, or open the project in netbeans or eclipse, let it auto-import the class, then go back to intellij.

If we wiggle the mouse and get it on "just the right pixel" sometimes we can get a popup to appear which says something like "did you mean xxx hit option enter".  however, you have to do this for every one in turn, even if there are no alternatives, and its really hard to get this dialog to pop up.  It takes may be 5 attempts per import. 

It seems bazaar that a product this expensive is so difficult to do the simplest of importing.   Eclipse will also do a bulk import of any missing imports.