Option to not merge main menu and window title

Is there an option to not merge the main menu into the window title? (This appears to be a new thing in 2019.2)

I really wish people would stop messing with the standard OS window style / UX like this - I find it most annoying.


I really wish people would stop messing with the standard OS window style / UX

But Microsoft themselves do that, Explorer has some controls merged into the window header as well!

Not to say about browsers.

Anyways, there's no way to disable that, please submit a request if you think that there should be.


+1 - There should be option to remove it. First of all it messes up with bold underline and all kind of characters so it becomes hard to figure out menus. We shouldn't copy from other explorer or notepad style as the purpose is different.


YouTrack issue created: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-47734

Explorer (at least one my Windows 10 install) has like 3 icons in the top left corner - not the entire title bar and main menu merged.

Firefox has an option to re-enable the title bar.

Chrome (among other applications) have an entirely different UX, with the (much smaller) "main menu" available from the toolbar. They're also an entirely different "class" of application - much less complex in use cases and where you rarely want to touch the main menu - in contrast to a complex IDE with many menu items that are individually infrequently used but you can end up using the menus a lot.

While I understand there are those who are keyboard shortcut memorization wizards who never touch their mouse or the main menu, there are also many people who aren't. I use the main menus a lot. I also have monitors in portrait mode, which PHPStorm may be on depending on what I'm doing. I can also often have several projects / branches open across several screens, and I like to clearly be able to see which is which.

I can also see the mangled new main menu / title bar causing issues for new users and those who may be running on smaller monitors (highly portable laptops) or people with visual impairments (eg. running with lower DPI / increased "zoom" or just have trouble picking out things from jumbled messes)

MongoDB isn't suitable for every use case. MySQL isn't suitable for every use case. Main menus merged into title bars aren't suitable for every use case.


I like the old design where I could drag window freely without aiming.

I wish there could be an option to not merge main menu and window title.


@CHÉN Zhé 陈喆

Try checking the links from previous comments.

As stated here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-219212#focus=streamItem-27-3615325.0-0

Borderless UI can be disabled by the following steps:

  1. press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/
  2. select Registry
  3. switch off the ide.win.frame.decoraion key
  4. restart IDE

The above works fine on Windows 10 if someone wants to disable menu merging.


@AllenJB those "3 icons in the top left corner" of Windows Explorer are part of ribbon UI used also in MS Paint and WordPad since Windows 7 (I think). There is public API to do that, so I wouldn't even count it as a customized window title bar.



Update: Unfortunately the ide.win.frame.decoration option is no longer present in PhpStorm, however according to IDEA-219212 (formerly WI-47734 above) you can workaround this in Windows now by:

  1. Open Help -> Edit Custom VM Options...
  2. Add a string -Dide.win.frame.decoration=false
  3. Restart IDEA

Please help us motivate JetBrains to help address this with a simple option by watching and adding your "thumbs up" to that ticket!


Update 2: The option has finally been added! You can now disable this in settings under the Appearance section under UI Options here:


The 'workaround' didn't work for me on Mac OS


That sucks. Ok Mart3r, I've updated my comment above to clarify that this is for Windows only.


Thank you, Andriy Bazanov and Patrick Nelson.

I’ve registered on that website and thumbed up the post.

Hope they could do something.

I was really disappointed when I found the register-fix no longer works when I upgraded to 2019.3.


Eugene Morozov Is there a way to hide Title bar for Linux distros (esp Ubuntu 19.10)?
I am trying to hide the title bar, as u can see it still visible:

Please help me hide that title bar if possible.


Yes, you can disable that:

1. open Help -> Edit Custom VM Options...
2. add a string -Dide.win.frame.decoration=false
3. restart IDE


Dmitry Tronin

I did what you told & restarted IDE, but didn't make any difference. As u can see in the screenshot.


Didn’t work for me on Mac OS either. I ended up reverting to the previous release.


Thank you Dmitry Tronin!

You saved my life.

With multiple parallel IDE Windows, it was a must feature for me to be able to drag them without caring about where I click.



I just installed ubuntu 19.10 (that used gnome 3) and I can confirm that the title bar is always present :/

only way i found to fix this (but it is a dirty solution) is : install the pixel saver gnome extension


why i don't like it : it removes the title bar for all applications, not only intelliJ. and on intelliJ you loose the close/reduce button


Why i don't agree with the orignal request :

a lot of tools do this, not only intellij

but some do it nice => for ex in firefox you have an option to hide the title bar :) (maybe jetbrains need to check how they did it as firefox works well on gnome 3)



Updated my IntelliJ today... went into murderous rage after i saw the window title and my menu merged (Most devs have multiple projects open and constantly switch between them, it's extremely important to be able to tell which project you have active with a single glance).

Thank you, Dmitry Tronin people like you save lives.



I think we cannot compare IntelliJ with Firefox, or say IntelliJ could do the same thing because Firefox has done it. There are four major differences for me.

1. Browsers are usually maximized, but IDEs are not.

2. Browsers are usually stay at where they are, but I have to drag IDE windows around.

3. I do not care what’s in the title bar of a browser, because anyway it says simply “Mozilla Firefox”. However, for IDE, the title bar is very important because it contains the name of the project.

4. In browsers, menu bars are much less, if not never, accessed than in IDE. That’s why you can easily merge menu bars or even hide them in browsers, but you cannot do the same thing easily in IDE.

I just saw PyCharm asked me to update to PyCharm 2020.1. Is this fix still working in 2020.1? If not, I guess I should not update and stay on 2019.3.

Update: This fix is still working. Awesome!


Is there any similar for Ubuntu 20.04 (default with Gnome)?


Is there any similar for Ubuntu 20.04 (default with Gnome)?

Here's a screenshot from freshly installed 20.04 with PhpStorm 2020.1.1 RC: https://prnt.sc/s7gko2

As you can tell, the menu isn't merged into the window header. But you can try disabling Help | Find Action | Registry | linux.native.menu and check if it helps.


Yeap. In fact what I want is a way to hide this huge titlebar. I know there are extensions for this, but they're really terrible on a multi display setup. Firefox has an option to hide the titlebar (and is still draggable). Probably I'll need to submit a new request.


Ah, yeah, the initial complaint was about the opposite. The request is already there, please vote: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-199526


Thank you for sharing the ticket URL, Eugene! :)


I am not going to lie, this is literally the most annoying trending UX trend, to merge those things together to save a measly 10px? This should be a setting in the preferences somewhere if its not already. I don't change machines often, but when I do, its super annoying to have to remember the terminology and go google the way to return the old functionality.


one of the main reasons Firefox is my primary browser is because it's the only one that offers an option to use a real, native title bar! in Chrome & Opera, I routinely accidentally detach a tab, because the draggable title bar area is so narrow...

Visual Studio, happily, also provides an option to use a real title bar.




Alright! The day has finally come. I didn't realize it, but apparently circa version 2020.3, they've finally added the option to disable this functionality in the Appearance section under UI Options here. I just tested it out and it works as expected. This was pointed out in a comment in the ticket I linked above a while ago (see comments).


Ubuntu 20.04.3, WebStorm 2021.3.3
This weird window title bar is STILL HERE! Awful. Why this 'Merge main menu with window title' checkbox disappeared from WebStorm?


Gramazekavip, I think you’re on the wrong thread.

What’s awful is when an app arbitrarily reinvents it’s own esoteric title bar instead of utilizing the standardized “ugly” system title bar, especially when they can’t, don’t or refuse to ensure parity with the functionality of that title bar that they decided to just remove (and why should they?). i.e. just leave it alone.

Turns out, some of us have differing opinions and this thread (the one you’re on) is for those of us who prefer to have the built-in title bar and celebrate the option to remove this anti-pattern from their IDE.


Patrick Nelson, yeah, u right. This is wrong thread, cause I have opposite opinion. My laptop has only 1366x768px and this 20px of extra vertical space is very important for me. And it's better for me to have custom title bar with basic three buttons in the right corner, it's enough functionality.
Thanks for answer)


Hm, I have just checked my PhpStorm 2021.3.3 installation and may confirm that "Merge main menu with window title" option is still there:

What exact version do you have? Could you please show a screenshot with the same settings section from your installation?