Option to not merge main menu and window title

Is there an option to not merge the main menu into the window title? (This appears to be a new thing in 2019.2)

I really wish people would stop messing with the standard OS window style / UX like this - I find it most annoying.


Vasiliy Yur, hi! I'm actually talk about WebStorm 2021.3.3.
Sure, that's how it look like


Thanks for the screenshot.
I got it, this option is available for Windows-based installations only, sorry for the confusion.

Actually, there is a request ticket to add this option to Linux installation but, as I may understand from comments, you have already seen it. Just in case if others are also interested:


Vasiliy Yur, thank you for answering and trying to help! I appreciate it. I hope this feature will be added to Linux OS too)


This is over a year later. I am using CLion 2023.1.1 on Ubuntu. None of the solutions proposed in this thread have worked. I really need the title bar to be accessible because whenever I try to use the OS shortcut keys to change which screen the window should be in, it starts to flicker very rapidly back and forth (which is another issue I would like resolved). The only way to successfully move it to a different screen is by dragging it there.

On startup, sometimes I get the option to show the title bar if I hover on the top edge of the window. I would to make this the default because this option is not always available.