Modify idea project after import from gradle


We have quite a complex gradle project to maintain, so we need to generate idea project automatically with all necessary configuration to not waste dev time.

We were using idea plugin to generate project with "./gradlew idea" for a while now and it worked mostly because it's very flexible due to withXml support.
We apply the following modifications for idea project using this plugin:

Now we want to use composite build gradle feature and it seems that idea plugin doesn't support it (or I didn't find how)

So I tried to import gradle build directly. It works with composite build well, but now I need to find a way to modify project after generation. The only plugin I found is, but it seems to be not quite stable, doesn't have active development and doesn't have withXml support which makes it almost useless to me.

Is there any other way? Could you recommend something?


gradle-idea-ext-plugin is the only option. If any of the features are missing, please submit the requests at so that we can add them in the future plug-in updates. Specify what exactly you want to modify that is not already supported by this plug-in.


Thanks for your reponse.

Is better place then for this?
Should I submit both bugs and feature requests for plugin to ?


If the a bug or a feature request is specific only to "gradle-idea-ext-plugin" it's better to file it on github.

For general issues related to importing/configuration of Gradle projects (or when you are not sure), please file it on youtrack for "Build.Gradle" subsystem.