EAP 2019.2.1 (IU-192.6262.9)


I'm using this EAP on MacOS, and I'm finding I am unable to add any new SDKs under 'project structure'.

If I try and use the + to add a new Java SDK, and navigate to any of a number of JDKs on my system, after hitting open on the dialogue, no JDK is added to the list.

I removed all existing JDKs, and am still unable to add any (so now have none)

Some of these JDKs are the same as before, in the same place

Is there any issue in this area in the current EAP?


I see no relevant errors in idea.log ... Still not figured out how to get this to work.



Issue is caused by using native file chooser. Adding -Dide.mac.file.chooser.native=false to .vmoptions should help.


Thanks! That works too :-) Figured it's better to be on the jbr vm now with this option.