2019.2.1: Switching consoles does not automatically switch to matching results/output panel


In the previous version of DataGrip, when I switched consoles the matching results panel would also come to the forefront.  Now when I switch consoles, I have to find the matching console in the Services list and click on it to find the matching results panel.

I have to assume I screwed something up in my settings.  Is there a way to have the two always sync up?


I have the same issue and it's really annoying. Anyone has any ideas how to fix this?


One needs to enable `Autoscroll from Source` in Services' settings


Unfortunately seems to do nothing.  Behavior is unchanged.

Also just updated to 2019.2.2 and it still does nothing.

macOS Mojave 10.14.6 if that makes any difference.



Could you update to the latest version and try to reproduce the issue?

If there is still the issue, it would be great to record a video or gif with steps to reproduce


Two videos, one showing old behavior and another showing new behavior.


EDIT:  Removed non-functional link.




Updated to 2019.2.3 and am still experiencing the same behavior.


Was very excited to read 2019.2.6 release notes; "Result tabs switch with the consoles again".  Updated DataGrip.  Played around with it.  Still not quite right.

If I check "Autoscroll to Source", clicking on a service console switches to the correct source console, however, clicking on the source console does not switch to the corresponding service console.

There is another weird behavior that might be related.  I cannot uncheck "Autoscroll from Source".   It is always checked no matter how many times I try to uncheck it.  Is it broken?

Thanks for the update, though.   Lots of other nice fixes.


Just wanted to put this one to bed.  Downloaded 2019.3.  Works as expected.

Thank you!