Visual glitch in phpstorm/webstorm on macbook pro 2019


Hi everyone. Here is a little video about the visual glitch. I have noticed it only in phpstorm or webstorm. But I gave my new mac to a service. The service did not find any problem, but they will change the display (they think that this may help)... But may be this is not a macbook problem? Maybe this is a phpstorm/webstorm problem? The video contains two slow-motion moments.


Here is a screenshot:


And here is a video of one moment in natural speed:

The video and screenshot were taken by a phone camera.

P.S. Use dropbox app to watch video normally. On the website it renders only a half...


The file names, uploaded by a webform:

VID-20190819-WA0011.mp4 (10.1 mb)
VID-20190819-WA0010.mp4 (3.9 mb)
IMG-20190819-WA0009.jpg (49 kb)
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Here is a related issue on YouTrack:

Feel free to watch it to be notified once there are any updates and reply inside if there are any additional symptoms. 

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So this is PHP Storm issue and it is not any hardware (display / graphics) problem?

I cannot see any video in that issue, you gave, so I cannot compare. But it sounds that they are similar.

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The root cause is unclear for now. So, we could not say if the issue is in hardware or not. 

And additional details from you will help us to troubleshoot that. You are welcome to share all gathered info at YouTrack. 

And the glitch in the requester's video looks exactly the same: