CLion: Where is 'Settings->Project->Project Structure' in CLion?

In PyCharm, and every other Jetbrains IDE, and every other IDE in the free world, except for (CLion), I can create an IDE project, and then add directories to it, directories that may be outside of the initial project folder designated when creating the IDE project.

I have attached images (image 2) of the PyCharm project structure dialog, and the settings dialog in CLion (image 1).


Dear Jetbrains:

Please make your IDE's uniform in this one manner.  Please have Project->Settings->Project Structure in the same place, uniform throughout, I switch IDE's daily, often, and have need of this to pull in local templates I have for development that are on my local machine only, and not part of the regular project.




This drives me cRaZy!! Why are Project Settings so hard (sometimes impossible!) to find nowadays?? I'm sure I've spend hours searching for jetbrains Project Settings in the last few months.