Is there a WebStorm theme similar to Atom?

I'm trying WebStorm, Atom is my usual editor.


There is Atom-OneDark-Theme plugin (, you can give it a try

Note that you can create your own editor and UI schemes. Editor schemes can be easily customized in Settings | Editor | Color Scheme; WebStorm comes with a dozen of predefined schemes to choose from, and lots of custom schemes can be found on the web (for example:,,, ...). If you find a one that looks good enough for you, please feel free to file a request for including it in WebStorm.

UI themes (used for dialogs, tool windows, etc.) are Java Look&Feels. This is a standard way to style Swing applications. UI themes can be implemented as plugins.
There is already a bunch of custom themes in the plugin repository - you can use them as examples. And here are the guidelines for creating a custom theme plugin.


Thanks! I downloaded the Atom theme. How do I install it? I searched the WebStorm support but couldn't find any instructions for installing themes. I see in Preferences > Appearance how to select a theme but there's no option for adding a new theme.


Atom-OneDark-Theme is a plugin and, like other plugins, has to be installed via Settings | Plugins. In this page, Marketplace tab, enter the plugin name to locate it, choose to install, the restart the IDE


Which Settings are you referring to? I don't see Plugins in any of the Settings menu options.


>Which Settings are you referring to?

On mac it's called Preferences and accessible via "WebStorm | Preferences". On Windows and Linux the same can be accessed via "File | Settings"