Jenkinsfile Syntax Highlighting


Using RubyMine 2019.3 on MacOS

I have noticed that rubymine now provides some rudimentary syntax highlighting and formatting for files named 'Jenkinsfile'.  While it doesn't provide full GDSL style autocomplete etc., it is really useful. 

I have a few other Jenkins pipeline files that I want to extend these capabilities to: 'Jenkinsfile.production' '' etc.  However, RubyMine treats these as simple txt files. I can't find anything that controls the 'Jenkins Pipeline' file association.  "Preferences > Editor > File Types" doesn't include any file type mapping for 'Jenkinsfile'.

I confirmed this behavior with an install of RubyMine 2019.3 with all downloaded plugins disabled.  Furthermore, I was able to verify that this behavior was seen as far back as 2019.2.3 but was not present in 2019.1.1.  I haven't seen any mention of it in RubyMine release notes either.  I have no idea when it was introduced.

Am i going insane here? Does anyone know how i can extend this highlighting support to a more expansive set of Jenkins pipeline files?



Jenkinsfile syntax highlighting is provided via TextMate bundles. As for full support, please vote for the corresponding feature request:


I came to say that I have exactly the same issue as @Cfernandez described.

The problem with any of IDEA IDEs is that they don't allow to choose Jenkinsfile syntax highlighting manually for any file, and automatic detection works only with files that are named exactly "Jenkinsfile".

Olga, should we maybe open a new feature request for that?


Dmitry, there's a request for adding support for Jenkinsfile (the one I sent earlier), but in case it's not what you'd like to have then please submit a new request.