JSON Schema Mapping


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a json schema from a class, register that schema into schema mappings and select it as opened file. I tried almost all classes that includes JsonSchema in name but didn't figured out how can i register and select it. Is it possible within a plugin?


Done with create and register new json schema and link to a json file but when i open that json file still written 'No JSON Schema'. My created and registered json schema is under registered schemas and it already has related with json file, why stil i need to select the schema? I want to auto select new schema when it has created and registered.


See org.jetbrains.idea.devkit.themes.ThemeJsonSchemaProviderFactory in Plugin Devkit as sample for registering builtin JSON scheme automatically from your plugin.


Hi Yann Cebron

Can you add a link to this project?

I can't find it on google