Intellij Idea in Mac 10.14 doesn't see the ios simulator


I am learning Flutter development, and I have problem, The ios simulator coming with Xcode works fine however and I did some apps before in ios simulator but suddenly when selecting from IntelliJ Idea to Open the ios Simulator,my app doesn't run in virtual ios simulator but it runs in android Simulator perfectly.

When I tried to select open ios simulator in the top tool bar in select option, doesn't change and it still I get <NO DEVICES>

It's not seeing the iphone XS Max 12.0 simulator running happily next to it.

Thanks for any help.



I am having the exact same problem have you figured it out ? 


Please report issues with Flutter plugin to its vendor:


Hey, please make sure if your xcode command line tools are selected in xcode, in xcode Preferences > Location Tab > Command line tools. I was facing the same problem, I selected my xcode command line tool and the devices started showing up when simulator is running.