Plugin incompatible with the new build found


I am running version 19.2.4 of IntelliJ Ultimate but it's been months since 19.3.2 was released and a lot of people complained about it. I gave it time to see if the problem will be fixed, but unfortunately im afraid of updating because apparently even the python plugin is not compatible with this build. What is the solution to this problem. Is there a fix yet? 


Currently, Python plugin works correctly with this and EAP versions as well - you can verify it here:

In case any of the third-party plugins don't support the current IDE version, you can contact its developer (raise GitHub issue/contact via e-mail). In most cases, all of the most popular plugins should be compatible right on time when a new version is available.

I'd suggest you to use JetBrains Toolbox application to manage your IDEs installations - it will let you easily upgrade IDE to the newer version. In case of some problems, you'll be able to downgrade it to the previous version with one click: