Can I use to Toolbox App to install version IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2018.3 (old version, my fallback version)


My subscription has expired and the fallback version from is 2018.3 , so I want to install that version which is the one that

I have license for. 


The Toolbox App only proposes  2019.3.3 to 2019.1.4 , Is there any way to install 2018.3 from the toolbox? It would be great to have an option to install the fallback version listed for my user account.


Hi Ruben,

At the moment, the 'Install again / Downgrade to' list is only comprised of the versions that have been 'memorized' by the Toolbox app since after it was installed and configured. You will need to install the previous version manually for now.

Still, it is a great suggestion for which a YouTrack ticket already exists. You can vote for it in order to bring attention to the issue and keep tabs on the progress going forward.


Same case. I think it would a great idea having a input field in toolbox in order to filter version


It suggests to use the Toolbox App for fall-back versions despite it not being able to do so