Disable auto-switching focus between tabs

By default, whenever something updates in the CMake, File Transfer, Messages, etc tabs, the focus automatically switches to that tab. This can be quite irritating if typing in Terminal tab or using the Version Control tab. The issue is worse in remote development mode because files get transferred all the time.

Is there an option to turn off auto-switching?



What CLion version do you use? On what OS?

Could you please record a screencast illustrating the behavior? I can't reproduce it:


@Anna Falevskaya, please do note that Benjamin Skikos is referring to auto-switching of focus when working / typing in one of the bottom tabs like Terminal (and not editor). I face the same issue in PhpStorm when Auto Deployment starts performing bulk file-transfer over SFTP (mostly when switching git branches)



PhpStorm 2020.2.2
Build #PS-202.7319.77, built on September 23, 2020
Runtime version: 11.0.8+10-b944.31 x86_64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
macOS 10.15.6
GC: ParNew, ConcurrentMarkSweep
Memory: 4012M
Cores: 12
Registry: run.processes.with.pty=TRUE
Non-Bundled Plugins: BashSupport, com.kalessil.phpStorm.phpInspectionsEA



As requested by JetBrains support team (over email), I'm hereby sharing a short screencast of the bug in action. Please find it here: PhpStorm 'File Transfer' tab focus-stealing bug

Please do note that

  • in this particular instance (screencast), the issue occurred just once (the File Transfer tab 'stole' the focus just once, not in subsequent attempts of typing in terminal); but otherwise previously I've run into problems where after switching a git branch (particularly where the two branches differ significantly), the File Transfer will keep uploading files to remote server over SFTP for next few minutes and in that duration, the integrated Terminal would be pretty much impossible to use (as soon as i would start typing on Terminal, the tab would switch back to File Transfer)
  • Furthermore, I'm happy to report that over last couple of releases, the bug has significantly decreased in intensity (both in terms of no of occurrences and the impact / duration of single occurrence)

Hi, did you find a solution to this issue? It's very frustrating that the CMake window takes focus constantly. Even considering not using CLion anymore if I can't get a solution for it.


y2k-shubham, it sounds related to IDEA-241504. Feel free to comment or upvote the issue. See this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

Moolman Ruan, could you please provide more details? Where do you work when the focus gets stolen, in the Terminal tool window or elsewhere? 

On my side, the focus is switched to the CMake tool window only if the CMake project reloading fails. Do you observe the same behavior?


Hi Anna, sorry, somehow I missed this response. I came to look again, since I got annoyed by the issue again today.

It happens when I switch back to focus on the files from the terminal. Sometimes I switch back and forth quickly and then the CMake window steals focus and I type in the files instead of the terminal. 

This issue also seems to be describing the same problem, but disabling “Reload CMake project on editing…” does not solve the issue.

If there was a way to stop the CMake window from ever taking focus (even if there is an error) that would be great.

Edit: It also sometimes happens when I'm still busy in the terminal, so not just when I change focus to the editor.



I have the same issue. Simply when I'm executing git commands in the terminal.

By exemple, I checkout to a branch and want to pull it. Juste after the checkout, the cmake tab steals the focus but I was already typing the “git pull” and then it is written in the code and not in the terminal.


If there was a way to stop the CMake window from ever taking focus (even if there is an error) that would be great

Most code insight features rely on the project information, so the project reload failure is important. Currently, there is no way to prevent the CMake tool window from opening and taking focus when an error happens during the project reloading. Feel free to create a feature request in our tracker - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/CPP.


> so the project reload failure is important
Hi Anna, I wasn't suggesting that the reload not run. I just don't want the window to steal focus.
Thanks, I'll log a feature request.