Unable to find Kotlin Koans course with Learn and Teach (EduTools)


The introduction page for EduTools at kotlinlang shows a straight forward approach to starting a Kotlin learning course through EduTools. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the Kotlin Koans course under Learn and Teach -> Browse Courses. Searching for Kotlin gives no result, and I am unsure how to solve this. I suspected this may have something to do with Intellij setup for Kotlin or macOS setup. Now, I am able to:

  • create a a basic Kotlin Hello world application in Intellij IDEA Ultimate and run it.
  • compile and run a basic Kotlin Hello world via command with Kotlin installed via Homebrew.

But still, no Kotlin projects are listed in the Browse Courses section. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Aleksander,

Some courses require certain auxiliary tools (like Gradle) to be enabled in order to build their projects. If Gradle libraries are unavailable as project dependencies (= Gradle plugin is disabled), a certain course may not be retrieved and shown in the list. Could you check the list of built-in plugins in the File | Settings | Plugins dialog and enable Gradle if it is disabled? Also, try enabling all the built-in plugins if it doesn't help.

If the issue persists, please provide the IDE logs (Help | Compress Logs and Show in Explorer) for analysis.


Hi, and thanks for such a fast reply. I checked now and Gradle was enabled, but Gradle Extension was not. Enabling this fixed the issue. Maybe this should be a part of the startup guide as well, because there is no obvious link between the Gradle Extension plugin providing the extra features:

  • Show Dependencies command on the context menu of the Gradle tool window.
  • Show Dependencies Popup command on the context menu of the Gradle tool window.



Hi Aleksander,

Thank you for your suggestion. I submitted a change request to add this information to the startup guide page.

Good luck!


I second what Aleksander said. I have been trying to use the Kotlin Koans course, so I installed the EduTools plugin, but I'd choose to browse courses and nothing would come up. No error, no message, and more importantly, no courses. I googled the problem and couldn't find any solution. It wasn't until I stumbled across the IntelliJ plugins users forum, and this post specifically, that I managed to find a solution. If there's a required plugin for this to work and it's disabled, don't just decline to display any content. Actually show a message of some sort. Maybe "EduTools requires that you enable [x] plugin, but it's disabled. Would you like to enable it?". That would be super helpful.


Hi Cimorell,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

I created a request in our tracker based on your suggestion: EDU-3091. You can upvote it and post comments if you think of anything else to add.