How to refresh external libraries on a remote host?

Update of external libraries on remote host is not reflected in Pycharm. Is there any way to force it?  My Pycharm version is 2019.3.3


In case of CLion it has a button that do this as below, but it seems Pycharm doesn't have such button.


Please see:

The workarounds are provided in the comments


I restarted pycharm as in the comment and also tried "Invalidate Cache/ Restart" under file menu but still the update of remote library isn't updated. 


I have this problem too, it's annoying as hell. I am literally having to rebuild a docker image after changing a line in any code. Painful!


Before anyone starts pasting links there's no need, I've gone through months of trying different solutions. If there was any better IDE for Python I'd use it.