How does one get an Editor instance for use in the plugin.


The following code was working ,  yes one of those :).  The entire file is here:


public void update(@NotNull final com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.AnActionEvent e) {
// Get required data keys
final Project project = e.getProject();
final Editor editor = e.getData(com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.CommonDataKeys.EDITOR);
System.out.println ( "editor:" + editor );
//Set visibility only in case of existing project and editor
e.getPresentation().setEnabledAndVisible(project != null && editor != null);

editorMouseListener = new LocalEditorMouseListener();

final CaretModel caretModel = editor.getCaretModel();


Is this the correct way to get the editor instance?  I am getting a null.


final Editor editor = e.getData(com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.CommonDataKeys.EDITOR);
System.out.println ( "editor:" + editor );

The provided plugin code has a few deprecations.

This is the log for startup, Is this expected all the warnings.

WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
WARNING: Illegal reflective access by com.intellij.util.ReflectionUtil to method sun.java2d.SunGraphicsEnvironment.isUIScaleEnabled()
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of com.intellij.util.ReflectionUtil
WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release
2020-03-19 19:14:27,406 [ 1691] WARN - j.internal.DebugAttachDetector - Unable to start DebugAttachDetector, please add `--add-exports java.base/jdk.internal.vm=ALL-UNNAMED` to VM options
2020-03-19 19:14:34,911 [ 9196] WARN - j.ui.mac.MacMainFrameDecorator - no url bundle present.
To use platform protocol handler to open external links specify required protocols in the mac app layout section of the build file
Example: args.urlSchemes = ["your-protocol"] will handle following links: your-protocol://open?file=file&line=line
2020-03-19 19:14:37,288 [ 11573] WARN - com.intellij.util.xmlb.Binding - no accessors for class org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.highlighter.KotlinDefaultHighlightingSettingsProvider
2020-03-19 19:14:41,195 [ 15480] ERROR - ctionSystem.impl.ActionUpdater - update failed for AnAction(org.intellij.sdk.action.EditorEyeTrackingAction) with ID=org.intellij.sdk.action.EditorEyeTrackingAction

Also why is the above bold text missing "a"?



Getting the Editor from the event using getData will work if you've invoked such an event in the proper context.

You can access the current Editor (s) with:



Regarding the missing "a" - warnings above are cut on the left as well - it's just a matter of the available space, presentation - don't worry about that.


What does it mean to invoke the event in the "proper context"?

When I look at it states that this sort of data should be available in `onUpdate`? I'm defining an `AnAction` in a custom editor and I need the instance of the editor back so that I don't need to keep state in the `AnAction`.