How to escape whitespace in path to SVN executable?


Downloaded new IDEA after some time, going back to svn after some time.. Firstly, if you remove a feature (internal svn), it would be nice to know the reasons why its gone available, not have to google for it. Dont bother sending that url, I found it, but it took long. The plugin page is allibistically silent.

But OK, installed Tortoise, left the default install path pointing to Program Files and now i says that 'C:\Program' is not recognized as a command. Who would have thought.

So i wrapped the path in ", ' I even tried url encoded space in despair. No, i did not try backslash ;).

Even if it was possible to escape, this is a bug, but i did not find a fast way to post in in your tracker.


Yes, when you configure Subversion plugin you enter path to svn CLI executable and that has the issue I described. Or you suggest just not using it? I added svn to path, so it works for me, but that does not mean its not a bug. And don't ask me, where I entered this aafd name, it was not when entering this post, neither when registering, trust me.



I just have the exact same problem with Intellij Ultimate 2020.2.3