Version Control Tab is missing


I am using IntelliJ IDEA community 2020.1. I have cloned a repo from git. I am able to create a branch, take the pull and all basic git tasks. 

But, I do not see the version control tab in the tools window. Further, I do not see the "Version Control" option even in View Menu -> Tools Windows.

Did anyone face this issue? What can I do to resolve this?


Operation System: OSX 


You may disable "Use non-modal commit interface" option in "Settings/Preferences | Version Control | Commit".


Yes, there's Git tool window, it looks good but has completely different functionality. I've been using version tab to

- get overview or quick access to modified files

- review the changes without commiting them

- check if by accident I've not modify a file and rollback it

I can see there's new commit window but actually don't want to commit. Let's see if I get to used to it on behalf of Version Tab

It was not clearly said that Version Tab has been removed and I've wasted some time trying to fix it


I have the same issue, why removing such a helpful view, I need to see my local changes and I cant.


I have had IntelliJ installed for a while, and recently installed PyCharm for a specific project. It looks like this also reset my IntelliJ installation to the new UI. So there's a bug there somewhere, which added to my personal confusion (last week the tool bar was there, today it's not, and I hadn't done anything except install PyCharm).

Comments from a long-time git and IntelliJ power user about the new interface:

  1. I would never have guessed "non modal" meant the old style. "Modal" has a specific meaning for a software developer (especially in the windows world), and this change does not apply to that meaning. "combined tool window" would be more appropriate, IMHO.
  2. There's a serious flaw in the "non-modal commit" tab - the local changes view does not show the diff for the file. When working with large commits, there are frequently times where I need to look at the diff on the right to determine if I want to include that file with the commit I'm making, or a separate commit. (To keep commits small and manageable).
  3. Separating the git functions into separate tool windows is counter-intuitive for all but the most basic git user. A tool window should be specific to the functionality at hand, and contain all features of that functionality in one place. Commit/Shelf vs Log/Pull Requests/Console are not separate, unrelated functions for a heavy user of git. These are frequently related and heavily used functions in combination with each other.
  4. Related to #3, please, please, please do not use this as a stepping-stone to removing the combined screen. The advantages in being able to see everything in one tab and not having to hunt for the other set of information when you need it is too great. You will ruin one of the main things I really, really like about the JetBrains IDEs when it pertains to VC workflow.



Yes it's new a installation. I dont use EAP and actually it's not mentioned that Version Tab has been moved or removed.'What's new'  says there is new commit tool window so it mean the old was replaced. No single word about Version Tab. You may find there're a couple of posts asking where is Version Tab and if google you can even find old ones how to fix it and this is confusing

As said I'll try to use for some time and it might be I get used and it'll be fine. But as I can see it now it's make no sense from UX point of view. I want to review i.e. the modifications that had been made after refactoring to optionally rollback some changes and I've to click on Commit to show the window. I don't find logic here


> > the local changes view does not show the diff for the file.

> Since Local changes can be used not only for commits, we decided that showing diff right away is too aggressive. That is what one needs to double-click or use Next changes shortcut (F7) to open the diff. It opens in editor, and follow the selection afterward.

"Too aggresive" seems like the big assumption here. It sounds to me like almost everyone complaining at this forum found it very useful... please bring back this feature. I really want to be able to see the difff of each file to the right of the file list. Nobody wants to do an extra click to look at the diff...


Thanks for the update. I have already switched back to the 2019 version. Yes, I did see "Git" tool window. But that isn't much help. 
As I use the version control tab to check/verify local changes. 

I will download and see how it goes. 


moved by definition = removed from one place and added exact copy to the other place. But it's not even the exact copy

I don't find it convnient, it's too small and too much data

You don't have many complaints as not many existing users do fresh install


This is literally the worst new feature you guys could add - why would you take an axe to the useful version control system and totally maul it?

And I have no idea what you think "Modal" means but you need to use normal english when you make tool windows, not english for people who only speak a certain dialect of code. Let me help "Use the Old Version Control View" would, for example, work. It also has the benefit of using normal english and is clear.

I'd advise you to talk to actual users before you make such incredible changes, and publicize them more clearly. For example, in the patch notes you might have "Also, we retooled the version control system without consulting with anyone to make it incredibly difficult to use and scattered functionality across several tabs. You can use the old system, but only if you know what 'modal' means"


Not a fan of this change.  Not sure why this was broken out into more windows.  I also hate the checkboxes in the commit window... you have to be alot more careful how you click.. clicking sometimes clicks a checkbox instead of opening folders...   checking checkboxes sometimes collapses folders as well.  ugh!  booooo.

yea, the more i try to use it, the more i hate it.  You have to double click and "open" each file now as well to view changes?  I think people aren't complaining about this... because they havent had to re-install yet and experience it.


I'm also here after a finding my workflow completely altered with no explanation at all.

Yes, I've now solved the issue, but in the future please refrain from silently butchering functionality. If this must be done, please provide better documentation and/or more indicative menu verbiage. "Use non-modal commit interface" provides zero insight into its functionality.


I've wasted a ridiculous amount of time each time I start a new project to figure out how to revert the version control workflow to the old UI. I've always been an advocate for JetBrains products, and a long-time customer, but this change is maddening. Now I can't find the "Use non-modal commit interface" toggle anywhere. Do you feel my pain?

I'm probably going to let my subscription lapse and use VSCode.


Joshh is not about finding modal/non-modal option. In my case I've got used to old Local changes tab that was displayed at the bottom of the application, and this tab has gone without any message. I've checked latest changes and there's nothing

Ruslan Kuleshov

It's not only about modal/not-modal window, just the whole tab Local changes has gone, I've been using it for reviewing my changes during the day without an intention to commit. The current commit dialog is not convenient unless you have ultrawide monitor and you don't divide the screen. I need / like to see files pathnames/location thus I need to resize the window to make it wider but the the file comparison window is a way so small to does its job. Here you have an example published on your yt channel:

There's a reason why the commit windows take like 1/3 size of the screen for most of the time. And in my case I'm working on 20-30 files, I don't see them without extra action and when switch to Project view and I need to resize it again

Not sure how you know it's a better solution cause many developers didn't install idea from scratch for years and are not aware there were some changes here.



The new Commit tool view does not show on my Windows desktop (Win 10 Intellij 2020.1.2 RC (May 26)) Everything is under the Git view. I do see it on my Mac (same version). Bug?


I faced the same problem with 2020.1.1 and 2020.1.2. I switched to version 2019.3.5 and its working properly in that.


Putting in my two cents here : I have spent hundreds of hours using the diff tool that has been mentioned above. Its a very good tool and I like it a lot. I use it to do many things other than commit


The new gui changes, mentioned above, did confuse me for a while on an old install. And then I did a new install and got confused again.


Yes, I was able to get things configured okay, but it was not an ideal user experience for me


Seeing as there's nothing but flak being spread here, I just wanted to say I like the new feature and say thanks, team, for giving an alternative (again, the old way is still there if people need it; stop downvoting every time someone says this, you don't have to use this feature).

I'm a long(ish) time user and wanted this new functionality but didn't realise it existed because I never do fresh installs. Did a google search, found this, and yes - it's a bit counter-intuitive at first - but now that I'm used to it my commit workflow is far more productive, especially with massive partial commit refactors.

Thank you for this feature.


ive been telling all my developers to uncheck this "new" setting as the workflow suffers.


Yaroslav Bedrov

Hello! As you can see, many of users are disappointed with this new option enabled by default, may we ask you (I mean someone who is responsible for such requests) to disable it as default, or create a survey where users can vote.

Thank you and take care of yourself!


Yaroslav Bedrov I think some users are showing up here because either they can't find that non-modal option, or they have tried it and it is not working correctly. Even with the latest IDEs, some of my devs see a Git tab with the beloved older style "Local Changes Shelf Log" tabs in the tool window while others see the new finicky separate Git and Commit tool windows, with "Changes" only appearing when comparing branches.

Yes, they have "use non-modal commit interface" checked and "open diff as editor tab" unchecked, and across various jetbrains IDEs its a bastardized mess of git / commit / changes tabs sometimes appearing floating sometimes appearing in editor tabs. 

I've read the tickets like above claiming "jetbrains users prefer the new UX", but logically I don't see how to arrive at that conclusion when users can't reliably configure it one way or the other.

For others, to fully get it to change:
1. Quit your IDE, google "jetbrains help full uninstall <your ide>" 

2. remove the preferences / caches or whatever on that page

3. restart

4. Either import your settings from a working IDE or try configuring it again




I just installed IntelliJ on a new machine for the first time in ages and spend way too long trying to work out what happened to my beloved "Version Control" tab.

Why on earth was this changed? It was one of the most useful things in IntelliJ. I can't imagine what sort of workflow this new thing is meant to support, but it's not a typical developer workflow where I need to regularly keep track of what I have and haven't committed, for which the old version control tab was the best git tool that I've seen.

And hiding the option to revert it behind the obscure "Use non-modal commit dialog" option is baffling.

This reminds me of Microsoft removing the Start menu in Windows 8. Please don't make big UX changes like this without actually consulting your users.


Yeah, I just saw that. Thanks


Very confusing why this was changed. It seems to only make the changelist review process more cumbersome. Would definitely appreciate if we could "reactivate old Version Control tab".


Edit: I see it actually creates only one new window where we can explore the diffs, and that diff changes upon clicking a new file from the changelist. I think it should be a bit more clear how this works, but I actually don't think it's any more cumbersome this way.


Actually.. looks like the VCS tab has just had a name change to Git and you just need to select the second (sub)tab called "Log:all" instead of "Console"... I think the old VCS one did this too but saved it in preferences after first selection, wouldn't be surprised if it is still the same.

Anyway after ready most of this thread that was my issue.


Its the Git tab. You can create change list as it was earlier IJ versions. Now you can do it on a right click on the "default" change list. This looks more interactive to me. Take a peek here



> There is an option to revert to the previous commit UI, as mentioned above.

The point is missing tab, not current or previous commit UI. There're many reason why it was more convenient


Revert and Undo and way to confusing as the mean the same thing in the english language but not in IDEA. One seems to revert all changes locally so they are lost forever, the other seems to revert a push... Or something... All I know is I have lost code because the distinction is vague as hell... Just thought I'd mention it while we are on the subject... Mouse over description 2ould fix this issue permanently... If we'll described.


I used VCS->Checkout from Version Control and found it very useful when checking out new projects with no need to switch to console. Now I cant find it anywhere. How can I do this in latest IDEA versions? Please guys, put it somewhere back! Thank you!

EDIT: I found the option. It was moved to File-> New Project from Version Control


Simply restarting the project added the version control tab back in


Bob MacNeal Did you look at Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Version Control | Commit | Use non-modal commit interface?