Put HCL/Terraform plugin back to open source


Since there are no updates in a while and Terraform is moving fast, the IDE plugin is rapidly becoming useless. It's sad because by far it used to be the best plugin overall.

Until release 0.6.14 the code was open source, if there are no plan from Jetbrains for future updates could you at least open source latest version (0.7.7) to benefit community support?



While plugin is not updated as frequent as we all would like to see updates, you may use newer version of 'terraform metadata'.

Hopefully I'll publish plugin update following two weeks, there's some work that should be done in plugin and some fixes to made.

Speaking of "benefit community support", during open-source times of plugin (nearly four years) there was almost zero community attention except bug reports and feature requests.

Thanks for the "terraform metadata" tip Vladislav. Worked like a charm - I now get autocompletion for all the recent google_container_cluster features that weren't working before.