GoLand indexing irrelevant directories



I'm trying out GoLand on OS X and I've noticed it is spending a lot of CPU and I/O indexing files.  Indexing code from my project and its dependencies sounds reasonable, but when I look at what it's actually indexing, it seems to be indiscriminately indexing everything on my HD; for instance, why is it indexing /usr/local/Cellar, a directory used for HomeBrew?  

Is there a way to limit what it indexes?


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GoLand needs to index the Go SDK as well, and, in this case, it appears Go was installed using HomeBrew, so GoLand will index `/usr/local/Cellar/go/1.14/` as part of the first time indexing process.

You can control the directories indexed by the IDE by setting the GOROOT (where the Go SDK is installed) under `Preferences | Go | GOROOT`, and GOPATH (pre-Go Modules location of user source code/Go Modules location for package cache) under `Preferences | Go | GOPATH`.

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Oh, I see -- makes sense.  Thank you for the info!