CLion issue with include autocompletion



I have noticed lately (first time it annoyed me two months ago), that CLion stubbornly ignores my header files, while not minding system includes. Let me show an example:

Yes, there are three different types of includes, and whichever I choose, it does not autocomplete anyway, and here is code:

In case of doubts:

And after random thought, I found out the issue. It does not understand what "hxx, txx, or EVEN cxx" files mean... I am profoundly confused. Is there any way to associate these files??? I got extension files set correctly, as seen underneath:

My friends can reproduce it, so I think it is a bug...

Excuse my language, and thank you for the help!



I see that you've already filled a support request, thanks.

Just for the record, here is the related issue: