CLION: Code analysis fails to detect un-imported header file.


I recently started to use Clion. From my experience code analysis and code completion are terrible.

Code Completion is SO SLOW. After refactoring (such as rename) it takes a while until everything is up and running again. but it's not what I'm here for. 

What I experienced was a weird error. I missed the fact that I didn't include "array" in my header file:


And as you can see, Clion shows that everything is just fine. But when I switch to source code, I get this error:


And here it gives me the error and provides the quick-fix. (Quick Fix also includes <array> in source file instead of header file). 

Is this the expected behavior?

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This may be related to how you include files in the project. Please send a small sample project with which the issue can be reproduced to clion-support at