"cat: /tmp/tmp.VEwej1syj9: No such file or directory" error in clion debugger.


I'm trying to run the debugger in clion 2020.1.2 but I'm getting the following error: 


Testing started at 15:09 ...
D:\libOmexMeta\cmake-build-debug-wsl-ubuntu1804-gcc101\bin\redland-wrapper-tests --gtest_color=no
cat: /tmp/tmp.G22JRIftqz: No such file or directory
cat: /tmp/tmp.VEwej1syj9: No such file or directory
Process finished with exit code 1


Everything works as expected if I just run the program, i.e. no debugger. Any idea what's going on here? 



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Hi Ciaran!

Please enable debugger logging as described here, reproduce the issue and send us the resulting idea.log file (Help | Show Log in ...). Do not forget to disable debug logging after that. Note that logs might contain private user's information (like file paths and names).