Refactor -> Rename - creates complete mess!



When I chose to use Refactor -> Rename - to change the name of a Python class across the whole project, PyCharm decided that this includes all my backups in another folder...

But the big problem is that in 40 files only some of the occurrences of the old name has been changed!!

That's a very serious bug!

The same problem occurred again when I renamed a method.

So how can we solve this problem?


Best regards,

Henrik Rosenø



PS: Here is a part of a py-file, that contains both the new class name WhenAtRefPoint and the old name TrainBox. It is only in the comment the name has been changed...:

class MyTabbedPanel(TabbedPanel):
   def __init__(self, **kwargs):

        # self.train_box = WhenAtRefPoint(self.config_data, self.trials_data, **kwargs)
        self.train_box = TrainBox(configfilename, trialsfilename, **kwargs)



PPS: Maybe I should add that in the currently opened files, all instances of 'TrainBox' has been renamed to 'WhenAtRefPoint'...


Hi, unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced from this limited description. 

If you could provide minimal project sample and exact steps to reproduce the issue (how do you invoke the refactor action and which options to use), this would help to identify the issue.